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Have a good relationship with your colleagues. What exactly does that mean? While one person appreciates the professional distance, the other likes to pour out his heart to a colleague every now and then. It’s a different story when your colleagues have become friends. Still, in general, there are some universal issues that you should never discuss with colleagues. We at Stepmile want you to succeed in life; this time, we give tips on topics you should not discuss at work.


The role of religion in our society has been the subject of much debate for some time. Everyone has an opinion about it, which makes us the articulate people we are. But try to leave this discussion at work for what it is. Faith is a personal thing; what you believe in a colleague does not need to know. They certainly do not need to be convinced of your views. This does not mean you must hide your beliefs, but keep them to yourself. Discussions about faith often end heatedly or with incomprehension.

Political preference

A certain political conviction can generate enormous enthusiasm in us. We are so sure that the candidate or party we vote for will bring the best for us that we can be pretty pessimistic about the opponents. Do not try to persuade your colleagues to vote for your political party. The chance you will convince a colleague to vote for another party is slight and can cause quite a few hostile feelings towards you. These kinds of discussions just don’t belong at work.

Your sex life

You don’t discuss your sex life with colleagues. Why not? Because it doesn’t concern anyone except you and your (sex) partner. In addition, this topic can put your colleagues on the spot, or they find it uncomfortable to hear your wild stories. Discuss your sex life with close friends or your partner, but not at work. Not everyone is as free-spirited as you. If a colleague thinks you have gone too far with your story, they may even complain about sexual harassment.

Your troubles at home

Is your relationship not going well? Can you stick your children behind the wallpaper? Call a good friend and get some relief. But don’t give your heart to the first colleague who happens to offer you coffee. You also prevent colleagues from gossiping about you and your home situation or wondering whether you can still handle the work. If at work all your colleagues know that things are not going well at home, they may be asked about it every day by concerned colleagues. Keep your work and private life separate, so you are not reminded of your home situation everywhere.

Your health problems

Do you have a chronic illness or a medical problem? Annoying, but wonder if you want every colleague to know about you. Prevent people from seeing you as “those with that condition.” Of course, you should be able to discuss a medical problem at work, but for your own state of mind, it can be better if not everyone knows everything about you. As long as your manager is aware of your situation, this should, in principle, be sufficient. Remember that your colleagues are not accountable for why you are sometimes not there.


You can achieve success at work in many different ways. Of course, there are also plenty of jobs to be found where it is greatly appreciated if you talk about your personal life or if you can have a solid discussion about your political or religious views. Only try to estimate the ‘audience’ a little in advance. Do you want to know what else will help you in your career? Look at our financial training courses that ensure that promotion is within reach!