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The best problem-solvers see complex problems through multiple glasses. Exploring different frameworks by zooming out instead of zooming in takes you to the core of the issues and challenges you to develop more creative solutions. If you zoom incorrectly, you will solve the wrong problem. In fact, the more experience you have, the more difficult it will be to move away from your old way of thinking. Replacing difficult questions with easy questions is essential here.

The crux of the matter is often missed by making imaginary connections between what we see and expect to see. Critical thinking is first learning to slow down the process of making this link, then how to place a problem in context, and then focusing on the unique factors in each major decision. This way, you can become a better strategic thinker and leader yourself.

Slow down

Focus on multiple definitions of a problem before determining the direction of your choice. This doesn’t have to be time-consuming; just ask yourself or the team around you, “How could we define this problem differently?” and “what is the core problem here?”. This could be a regular part of any discussion about the course of a project, especially when it comes to a new or complex problem.

Think outside the box

Focus on the moment you face a new challenge or are in a worsening situation. Not on the people who believe that something cannot or will not work or that it has never been done that way. Don’t settle for incremental thinking, just adding something to an existing concept. Design new ideas to test widely supported assumptions in the market. Of course, “different” isn’t always better, so stay open to other ways and be aware of blind spots.

Enter into a debate

We live in a world where it is increasingly easy for people to communicate only with those who share the same point of view through Facebook, favorite news sources, or social groups. To escape from these cocoons and closed rooms, it is essential to be open to alternatives. Don’t become a prisoner of your own thinking patterns. Debating can promote insights.

Look for misfits

Find the credible misfits, the lonely voices in the wilderness, and go with their vision. It is not enough to feel comfortable in situations where disagreement occurs. Critical thinkers look for those who see the world differently and try understanding their train of thought. You will often disagree with the misfits, but it certainly provides a better understanding of your ideas.