Personal Performance


Your manager often determines how successful you will be within the organization in which you work. That is why you must do everything to show this person how valuable you are. Of course, you do your tasks as well as possible and regularly try to bring up fun, innovative ideas. But how do you ensure that your supervisor realizes you are a valuable employee without appearing slimy or obtrusive? We at Stepmile have 8 tips for you to put yourself in the spotlight.

1. Understand and support the goals

Suppose you really want to show how committed you are. In that case, you need to show your supervisor that you understand where he wants to go with a particular project and that you are doing your best for it. Not every manager is equally communicative about his or her goals, so you may have to do your best. A small investment when you consider that his or her goals are yours too.

2. Be prepared

There is hardly a worse clincher than the question “… and what can I do?” Try not to ask such a question because it shows that you are not involved in anything. Always think about a project before entering a meeting. Coming up with an idea yourself or being able to ask a few good questions can do wonders for your career.

3. Build a good network internally

Our professional network often consists of people who work for other companies. Yet it is important to also establish lines within your company. Within your own company, you are a representative of your department, or rather, your manager. This way, you can develop innovative ideas that reach beyond just your department. And you can rest assured that a positive impression of you in other departments will always be reflected in your manager.

4. Make good communication your priority.

Communicating really well is very difficult. It is not always said what is being thought, and each manager communicates slightly differently from the previous one. One likes to be interrupted, and the other sees it as something out of place. Mistakes or misunderstandings at work can often be traced back to miscommunication. Be aware of when he or she is interested in something and when not, and ask for clarification if something is unclear.

5. Think ahead

Nobody likes unexpected nasty surprises. Neither does your supervisor. Is something threatening to go wrong within a project or within the department? Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, let your manager know as soon as possible to take timely action. This way, you avoid hassle and show your involvement in a project. Your supervisor will thank you for your attentiveness and probably your entire team.

6. Don’t gossip

It seems inevitable in every workplace; gossip. We seem to love talking about someone else negatively. But beware of this if you want a windscreen. Being known as gossip isn’t exactly a trait that managers want to reward. On the other hand, stay informed about what is happening in the workplace. Suppose none of your colleagues still knows which way the company wants to go. In that case, this is important information for your supervisor.

7. Invest in yourself

Show that you are a valuable employee who likes to develop by regularly attending a course. Are you not good at finances? Then a Finance Essentials course is interesting. We live in a time where we must keep developing throughout our lives; there is hardly any better way to distinguish yourself from your colleagues. And you will be surprised how many companies have a “training fund.”

8. Did I do a good job?

Modesty is a good friend when you’re on the go. Let it know without it getting annoying. The really smart professionals have long realized that you must show good work to your manager smartly. Don’t forget to give credit to the colleagues who helped you. This way, you quickly grow goodwill and will also be awarded something in the future.