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How professional you are at work is measured by how you behave within the walls of your office and often outside of it. However, the degree of professionalism has nothing to do with the profession you practice. A cashier or waiter can be very professional, while a lawyer or doctor can be very unprofessional, or vice versa. Professionalism often only comes up when it is absent. But how do you find out what level of professionalism you have? We at Stepmile want you to succeed, so this week we have 10 tips for you on how to behave professionally.

1. Be helpful

A true professional is always ready to assist a colleague killed at work. They do not shy away from sharing knowledge on a particular topic, expressing an opinion, or offering those extra pairs of hands so badly needed. This way, you show that you have a heart for the cause.

2. Make being on time your priority.

Make sure you start early, arrive for meetings, and return on time from your lunch break. Even if your manager is absent for a day, start on time. Being late gives the impression that the work does not really interest you. This is how you set a good example.

3. Don’t be grumpy

Got out of bed on the wrong foot? We all have those days when we’re not at our best, but try to keep your bad mood out of the workplace. Do not respond to your employer or colleagues and certainly not to customers; they can’t do anything about your attitude. If you are regularly in a bad mood due to your work, it is time to think about whether you are in the right place.

4. Watch your language

You don’t swear, swear or make rude remarks at work. And certainly not if there are people you can offend with this. What your opinion is about someone’s religion, orientation, origin, etc., you should keep to yourself. In addition, swearing can seem like you can’t control yourself.

5. Dress decently

Even if you don’t have to go to work in a suit, there are rules (unwritten or otherwise) that you must adhere to. Always look well-groomed. Too naked, too tight, too short, or too casual is not a good idea. Especially now that it is summer, you must consider whether shorts and slippers are expected at work.

6. Admit your mistakes

No matter how difficult it may be, acknowledge your mistakes and do your best to fix them; you can and prevent them in the future. Don’t blame others. In this way, colleagues responsible for the error can also speak up. Squirming to get out of a mistake is not only unprofessional, but the truth will eventually come to light.

7. Resolve conflicts properly

Disagreements just happen when people work together. You cannot agree with your supervisor or colleagues about the most minor or most extraordinary things: avoid getting angry at all times. However, sure you are right. Shouting, swearing, or throwing doors is never allowed. Always calmly express your opinion and walk away if the other person starts to get angry.

8. Don’t hang your dirty laundry outside.

Confiding in a good college if you are not feeling well should, of course, be possible. But don’t be too candid or whatever your ex does to you during your divorce to anyone who wants to hear it. Maybe this is precisely the culture at work; ensure there are never any customers who can listen to your personal stories.

9. Don’t lie

Lying on your resume, lying that you are sick, or lying that a project is going well when it is not always causing you problems. Lying has never helped anyone. A true professional is honest about how things are going and indicates in good time if more help is needed. This way, you ensure that things do not get out of hand. By lying about your resume, you end up with only yourself. Do you need a day off? Take the day off or ask if you can stop a little earlier.

10. Try to stay positive.

A negative colleague brings everyone down. In any case, your employer won’t be happy with you if you ruin the atmosphere for everyone. Someone who constantly asks for or sends negative energy is paralyzing for everyone in the department. If you think there is room for improvement, plan to do something about it. Is something bothering you? Do something about it. Do you run into something? Discuss it. Just noticing something and continuing to complain about it will not benefit you or your colleagues at all.


We should all strive for a degree of professionalism in our work. Different rules, standards, and values ​​apply at every office. But trying to be as professional as possible is appreciated everywhere. An employee who is just a little more helpful, friendlier, fairer, or happier is more likely to move forward. Do you want to know how to get the most out of yourself? Then view our training offer.