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If you want to advance in your career, it is sometimes inevitable to change jobs. Perhaps your current job offers too few future prospects, or you are ready for something else. We at Stepmile want you to succeed. That is why we think it is essential that you make good decisions. Quitting your job can be a liberation, but know what you are getting into. So this week, we’ve put together a list of the worst times you can think of quitting your job.

1. After an argument with your supervisor or colleague

If you have a conflict at work that doesn’t seem to be resolved, strategic, it may be best to find another job. Remember that such a decision must be well thought out and not in the heat of the moment. Let all emotions calm before you put your resignation letter in your supervisor’s inbox. Always try to leave work positively. Otherwise, things will feel unfinished for a long time to come.

2. If you have no reserves

Do you have reserve money to pay your fixed costs for at least two months? It is essential to have such a buffer. Suppose you do not like your new job or you fail your probationary period. Knowing that you will not immediately get into financial problems is good. How much do you need to be able to sing it out? Also, remember that as soon as you are hired, your first salary will only be paid after a few weeks.

3. When you are about to get promoted

Is there a promotion in the offing? Then keep it going for a while. A promotion often goes together with a new “title” that looks better on your CV. This way, you are more vital at the negotiating table for your new job. And perhaps the promotion also includes new tasks that suddenly make your work fun. Enough reasons to keep it going.

4. If you might get fired

If there is a chance that you will be fired or if your contract is not renewed, it may be wise not to resign yet. There are advantages to not leaving yourself. This way, you have more rights when you are fired, and you will have to worry less financially. You can simply ask your manager what their expectations are. They also understand that you want to know whether you will not be renewed in time.

5. If you don’t have anything else yet

Finding another job is not as easy as you might think at first. So it is simply unwise to quit your job before you have anything else. Even though the economy is picking up again, finding a job that suits you can be more complicated than you think. Your job? If you work in the hospitality industry, chances are you will have seen more or less the same position again, but how specialized is it?

6. If you have no idea at all what you want to do

Do you want to quit your job because you need something else? Good that you follow your feelings but do have a plan. Do you have no idea at all what you want to do? Try to figure that out while you still have the security of a job. Otherwise, there is a good chance that you will end up in a place you do not like after your current job. You want to prevent this.


Think carefully before quitting your job. Plan your departure well so that you know you are leaving at the right time and only stop if you have a well-thought-out plan. Take the time to explain to your supervisor why you are quitting professionally. Make sure that any pain points have been articulated so that you are not faced with surprises. This way, you can focus on your new future with your ideal job.