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Why is communication between employees and managers often so difficult? On the one hand, employees often tend not to be fair to their manager because of conflicting interests. You don’t want to come across as a whiner, and your boss doesn’t need to know everything about you. On the other hand, managers are often not good at building a relationship of trust with their employees. And that’s a shame. Good communication is vital for a successful organization. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 10 things every employee wants their supervisor to know. All bosses, managers, and executives in the Netherlands: pay attention!

1. If you have something to tell me, tell me!

Do not send another employee or send an email. You deprive me of the opportunity to explain my choices and discuss them. Especially if you are not satisfied with my performance or if I should not have said something (or I should have). Give me a call, and we’ll talk about it.

2. If I do something right, say it!

Things that go wrong are often immediately mentioned, while things that go well are taken for granted. That is not motivating. A compliment would be nice if I worked hard and made a new deal.

3. When you are busy, communicate it!

We see it immediately because you become quiet, inaccessible, and formal. Please inform us that you will be less available to us shortly. Then we will only knock on your door for urgent matters. You can do your work quietly, and we will not be snubbed.

4. Invest in us.

We enjoy learning new things. Organize a leadership course for the whole team. Or let us follow a training on how to handle finances or read annual accounts. This way, we feel that we matter and get better at our work. When new ideas arise in the workplace, we have a realistic picture of whether this is financially feasible.

5. Do not micromanage us.

Be honest about a report or project if you are nervous about it. Say, “I am worried about this report because this is a significant customer. I would be delighted if you would keep me informed of the latest developments every day “.

6. Don’t talk behind our backs, even if you are frustrated with us.

If you do, you create tension in the team. In this way, you show that gossiping is okay and does not help the atmosphere. Be an example. If we are not satisfied with you, we will tell you too.

7. Tackle complex topics.

Your credibility will decrease if complex topics are not discussed during a meeting. You show leadership when no subject is too complicated for you.

8. Respect our private life.

We don’t mind being available after working hours or working longer. But if we clearly state that we have to leave on time today, then respect that. We are not excused for an explanation. Not because the secret is what we do after work, but because we have a private life.

9. Don’t give fake compliments.

If we’ve worked hard to get it right, don’t say, “Good, let’s see if we can do that even better next month.” That feels more like a warning.

10. Finally, trust us.

We do the work that requires you to go to your boss. Be proud of us when the results are promising, and make adjustments if the results are disappointing. Do not immediately threaten with sanctions. This creates a tense atmosphere in which we do not perform optimally. We are on your side!