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The annual report: every year a lot of effort, time and money is put into this, but then it is hardly read by anyone. What are we actually doing it for?

Everything that happens in a particular year within an organization is usually stated in the annual report. Usually, this is done in combination with a financial statement. This information is often not very attractive, so it is rarely read. Yet organizations invest a lot of time in drawing up such an annual report. There are several ways to increase the reach of your annual report, and we have listed them for you.

Use more footage

All information provided in the annual report is relevant, but not attractive enough for everyone. Present the information in a different form so that readers do not lose their attention as quickly. Turn pieces of text into images by offering certain information in the form of graphics, videos, illustrations, and photos, instead of just words. In this way, you keep the reader’s attention and the information is automatically clarified.

Make these illustrations, figures, and tidbits as accessible as possible and also distribute them internally, so that employees can use the information clearly and quickly when giving presentation In addition, share it via various social media. People generally click on a photo, video, or graph faster than on a piece of text!

Transform the information into a compelling story

As stated earlier, the annual report mainly consists of a great deal of text. Strategy description, objectives, intended sustainability, and above all a lot of figures. Again all relevant, but not attractive. Change the tone of the report by turning it into a story that triggers something for the reader. Add interviews in which customers tell about their experiences with you as a company. In addition, use stories from your own employees that tell about the atmosphere in the workplace and daily activities. Take the reader on board in the past year of your organization!

Provide a clear story

The story should not only be catchy but also clear. Make sure your annual report is drawn up just like others, and according to the rules so that it is easy to read and understand. IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) is the accounting standard for annual reports of companies. The standard provides the perfect guideline for drawing up your annual report. Want to know more about IFRS? Then click here

In short: by presenting clear text in the form of a catchy story, combined with graphs, tables, videos, and photos, you ensure that your annual report is read, and rises above that of other companies!

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