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Tip 1. Keep an eye on them!

Follow your favorite organization on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, and even Instagram. Connect with them on LinkedIn and keep an eye on them. That way, you know exactly what kind of company it is. You also get a good idea of ​​the informal side and can estimate whether you fit in between. Via LinkedIn, you can see who else is employed at the company. Is there someone responsible for HR? Connect with this person. Organizations regularly post vacancies via Twitter or other social media!

Tip 2. Check your online identity!

After a lot of effort, you have put yourself in the sights of the organization, and someone from the HR department decides to look at your LinkedIn profile. What do they encounter? Is all information up to date? And what about your Facebook? Do photos regularly show you getting up very drunk? That can put an organization off considerably. Check your privacy settings so that you know exactly who sees what. Our online identity is often our “meeting,” and you know what is said about a first impression. Correct yes.

Tip 3. Speak up!

If you have a question about a vacancy or the company, do not hesitate to contact the company. Ask about the possibility of sending an open application, or perhaps there is a temporary project with which the organization could use some extra hands and feet. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If you want to respond to a vacancy, call ahead with a few good questions. Your name is already in someone’s mind, and the chance is smaller than your cover letter ends at the bottom of the pile. Always helpful to point out your pleasant conversation during a possible job interview.

Tip 4. Investigate!

Research the organization. Be well informed about all aspects of the organization by reading up on their website, signing up for a newsletter, etc. If you are invited for an interview, you will immediately make a good impression with your broad knowledge of the company. You show you are a serious candidate who is well prepared on the road.

Tip 5. Keep developing yourself!

Large companies have understood that every employee must continue to learn for a lifetime. And you should enjoy that. Show – via your LinkedIn, for example – that you are or have completed a financial training course. In this way, you show that you like investing in yourself and your career and creating added value for yourself. View an overview of financial training courses that will help you further your career.