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An excellent online reputation contributes to your organization’s success and your network’s growth. Criticism can be fatal to an organization, and online complaints spread faster than ever. What can you do to successfully manage your online reputation?

Below are several tips to effectively manage your online reputation:

Critical & selective

When using the internet and social media, it is essential to be critical and selective. If you are affiliated with social networks, choose your circle of friends carefully and be careful what you post online. Keeping business and personal contacts completely separate is very difficult on the internet. Therefore, always keep in mind that you should never write anything that could put you as a person in a negative light, both personally and professionally. Political statements are an excellent example of this. Handle these types of topics with care to avoid offending or offending anyone.

Profile shielding

A few years ago, there was little talk of a personal “footprint” on the internet. Many people don’t mind that there was no Facebook during their college days. In 2012, photos and reactions were often posted on this platform, which is not convenient for your (future) employer to see. Facebook is therefore seen as an ideal medium for assessing applicants before they are asked for an interview. That is why it is vital to shield all profiles you own on social networks as much as possible. Also, pay attention to a neat profile picture because they are almost always visible.

Discussions online

Discussing or arguing online is like yelling in the middle of the street; everyone can hear it, which is not always appreciated. You may receive an online complaint as a company. Complaints are, of course, never pleasant. An advantage, however, is that you can process it in sight of everyone.

If a dissatisfied customer’s complaint is answered incorrectly, a discussion can arise on the internet. Such talks are readable for everyone and cause bad publicity. Complaints on the internet must be tackled with both hands and resolved perfectly. Ultimately, more is earned than it costs with adequately handling a complaint. If following a complaint on the forum, the customer is offered a new shirt, this will cost the company the cost of the new shirt once. Nevertheless, you ultimately earn more than the expenditure of the marketing costs that would otherwise have been necessary to make up for the negative consequences of a discussion on the internet.

What is online stays online.

It is incredible what can be found on the internet. Even articles and photos from years ago come up on Google. Also, personal things that you would rather not see and that you certainly did not ask for. It is essential to realize that the internet never forgets. Every response, article, and status update is captured and stored on a server for Google to link to, and it is.

Effective use of social media and the internet involves more than just having or not having a Facebook and Twitter account. As with any kind of interaction, it is also important to formulate a well-considered and strategic approach on the internet so that it works to the advantage of you and your company. Always remain critical and selective about what is posted on the internet, never engage in discussions and remember: what are online stays online.