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Use them to develop yourself into a better leader!

1. Hire the right people

Do you want a winning team? A team that is easy to manage to deliver outstanding performances? The biggest battle is in hiring the right people, making them part of your organization, and getting them started in the right way right away.

2. Be clear about expectations, standards, boundaries, success criteria, and accountability.

It takes more time and effort to be clear about this from the start, but it will save you hours in the long run and yield better results.

3. Manage individuals

Of course, you want to treat everyone within a team equally, but not everyone is equal. You have to manage individuals. Get to know their needs, strength, style, and future plans. By managing them individually, you help everyone to get the best out of themselves and deliver the best performance.

4. Invest – build relationships

There is an old phrase about managing people: “In humans, fast is slow, and slow is fast.” Take time with your team. Connect with your team. Listen to your team. Be serving. Over time, the relationship and results blossom.

5. Let your team earn independence.

Imagine a dimmer that you turn higher over time (as opposed to an on / off switch). When your team shows what they are capable of, gradually reward the team with more independence and control over work, workday, and role within the company.

6. Let your team earn authority and responsibility.

The same applies here as with point five. This is something you let them earn step by step and enjoy more. And even more so over time when they are found fit to hold that authority and responsibility.

7. Invert the pyramid

How can you help your team? How can you support them? Give them strength? Do not you know? Ask your team!

8. Earn trust – keep your word and take responsibility

They monitor what you do and how what you do matches (or doesn’t match). Be meticulous about sticking to agreements and obligations. You shouldn’t make excuses when you make a mistake. You shouldn’t make excuses, admit your mistake, and clean up your mess.

9. Focus on earning respect, not affection or approval

With children, you sometimes have to set clear boundaries for their own best sake. The same goes for employees. When you go for “being liked” or “joy in the group,” you will not only make the team unhappy, but your results will deteriorate.

10. Solve the most challenging issues quickly – dare to have adult conversations.

Say the following sentence to yourself, “Principles for Personalities.” This means that you let principles guide difficult conversations, tackle difficult points directly, and do not let them get worse.

Remember, l leadership is a skill you learn through practice. Apply these Ten Commandments to help your team and business thrive.

In addition to these skills, good leaders ensure that all internal processes run smoothly. For example, no data breach occurs by adequately setting up information security and ensuring that risk management plays a vital role within the organization. Want to learn more about these topics? View our training offer here.