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1. Start with positivity

It is easier to achieve and maintain a positive attitude when you have a “library” of positive thoughts in mind. Start each day by reading (or listening to) an inspiring book or lecture. You can draw on it when the day does not go exactly as you would like.

2. Smile 

It doesn’t matter if it feels fake: Research has shown that even the most forced smile reduces stress and makes you happier. Does this mean you should be grinning like the Joker in the Batman comics? Well, yes, if that’s the best you can. But something a little more relaxed might be less alarming to colleagues.

3. Align work and life goals

Always remember that there is a deeper reason why you go to work and choose your current position. You want to make a difference; you have a deeper motivation. Remind yourself that this workday is the opportunity to be part of that. To achieve a more profound and more important goal in your life.

4. Use traveling wisely

Most people waste their travel time listening to the news or (worse, especially when driving) calling, texting, or answering email. In fact, your travel time is the perfect time to energize for the day, and there’s no better way to do this than to listen to music that truly inspires.

5. Express your positivity

When most people are asked social questions – questions like “How are you?” or “What’s wrong?” – they will say something neutral (“okay, or I’m okay”) or negative, like “okay.” Those kinds of programs allow your brain to fail.

Instead, say something positive or enthusiastic, such as, “Great!” or “I have a wonderful day!” This indeed irritates some people – but these are the people who should be avoided anyway. (See No. 7, below).

6. Prioritize

Everyone complains about crowds, but few people do anything about it. 20% of your work will produce up to 80% of your results. So do that 20% before you get to the 80%, which is usually wasted time. You get more done, and you get better results.

7. Don’t work long days

Long days are bad. After a short burst of productivity, working long makes you less productive. But honestly, if you go through steps 1 through 7, you’re doing so much that you don’t need it to work for a long time. Do you want the best working day ever? Every day? It’s not as hard as you think.

8. Relax and meditate

When you’re done with your workday, fill the rest of your time with non-work activities that please you and help you relax. The analogy of “charging your battery” works. Failing to take time to relax and think about work guarantees that you start the next day with a “hangover” that will take away the joy of what’s really possible.

9. End your day with gratitude

The best way to make sure you experience more success. Before going to sleep, take a notepad (paper or electronic), and review everything that happened during the day for which you can be grateful.

Follow the above steps in a disciplined way, and with pleasure, more happiness in life is guaranteed!