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Meetings are almost a daily reality for most working people. How people behave in a meeting can significantly impact their careers. If you never give your opinion, it can give the impression that it leaves you all cold. If you are constantly speaking, your colleagues may find you imperious. We at Stepmile want you to succeed in your career, where it is essential to make yourself heard pleasantly during meetings. With these 6 tips, you will effectively make your point during every meeting.

Tip 1. Practice makes perfect

As with everything, practice makes perfect. Especially if you are shy. You will become more confident about your abilities as you speak up more often during a meeting. A meeting is a reasonably official affair. If you have difficulty speaking up, the meeting must have structure. Who is conducting the meeting? Before the meeting starts, ask the chairman if it is possible to do a “round” so that everyone can express their idea or opinion. Another good way to make yourself heard during a meeting is to take on the role of chairman yourself. In this way, you are forced to be actively engaged in the conversation, and you can be sure that you will not be overlooked.

Tip 2. Be to the point

When you get to the floor in a meeting, focus on making your point as quickly as possible without going too short. This way, you prevent the meeting from going on indefinitely, and you will not be known as a blow job. For those struggling with concise formulation, pretend you’re writing a Twitter message. In it, you often only state the essentials to stay within 140 characters. Is it a topic that needs more explanation? Then introduce it by saying, for example, “I made 4 observations that are important for this decision.” Keep the attendees informed about your current point, so they don’t lose their attention. You also prevent people from interrupting you somewhere halfway.

Tip 3. Breathe through your stomach

Speaking in front of a group (no matter how small the group is) can be nerve-wracking. Breathing exercises can keep you calm. Take a deep breath through your nose and exhale through your mouth. This way, you stay calm and can speak without gasping or breaking your voice. Remember that it is about the message you have to tell and that your listeners want you to succeed, not fail.

Tip 4. Watch your body language

It’s not just about what you say but also how you say it. If you’re bent over and try to make your point in a low voice, people may take you less seriously, no matter how good your story is. Sit up straight or lean forward with your elbows on the table. This way, you show that you are interested in the meeting, and you make an active impression. Make eye contact with the people around you, and try to have a smile on your face. Don’t look at your phone or have one-on-one talks with the people sitting next to you.

Tip 5. Learn from others

An excellent way to figure out how to become an effective speaker is to learn the art of those who can do it well. What makes them so good? What do they do that makes you enjoy listening to them? Try to see if you can put your finger on that. Then try to teach yourself these qualities. It is good to know that what works and does not work can differ per workplace (or even per meeting). Is a serious tone appreciated, or is it okay to make a light joke now and then?

Tip 6. Take a course

There are plenty of organizations that offer courses to help you with your personal development. Take a class to appear more convincing and confident in any situation! This way, you learn from a professional and get the time and space to further develop your skills. Look at our training offer for financial training, information security, and risk management.