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Stepmile is a technology-enabled cybersecurity and risk management training institute trusted by more than 1,200 global organizations.

Established in 2007, Stepmile is the premier destination for risk and cybersecurity professionals. For personal career growth, knowledge development, and for people looking for a career shift to risk management or cybersecurity. Let us help to let you make the next step in risk management.

Discover our results-driven courses in security awareness and risk management standards like SOC1, SOC2, ISO 27001, or COSO Enterprise risk management. Based on our extensive experience in the risk management industry, we create a learning experience focused on people. We understand how people learn; we take away anxiety about new and complex theories and engage people to apply this in human-central practices and case studies.

Our courses are always a combination of theory, practices, and cases aligned to your personal need to help you advance in your growth path. We believe that these elements, combined with simple, intuitive learning technology, enable people to grow and excel. We link these building blocks to the high-quality requirements that various authorities set for us. Take a look at one of our example courses and...

Take the first steps to advance your career in cybersecurity at Stepmile today.

We do not have a reputation of 100 years ago, like the organizations from which we originate, but we still work according to the strict quality requirements of those international top companies. We have translated our unique learning excellence concept into an online variant.


All Stepmile financial training courses are interactive. Your teacher walks through the material with you, reflects, and gives you plenty of space to ask questions. That is why groups in-classroom training (in-company or customization) are never larger than 10 people so that everyone can ask their own questions and contribute to their practical situation. Stepmile's eLearnings are also interactive. By taking tests you test your own knowledge and develop the necessary skills during the practical exercises. It is our aim to deliver the same high quality in both classroom and online training.


Our Learning Philosophy

We're in the business of changing behaviour. Risk management starts with creating awareness and understanding of risks to achieve overview. And overview can only be realised by building knowledge and experience. This asks for simple, intuitive, learning technology. 

Stepmile courses consist of simple presentations and intuitive practices. Animations are combined with easy-to-understand diagrams that make complex knowledge simple. The brain learns ten times faster by seeing and experiencing than by hearing only. And experience is created by relevant and authentic practices that help to understand and make the translation to your own situation.

Our clients

We are one of the most progressive providers of financial training. We work with the United Nations, Football Players Union, and international multinationals. Stepmile also provides services to smaller companies and individuals. Especially because we realize that one individual can make the difference!