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Course development

The technology and other tools are considered to provide the most optimal learning experience for students and the approach is developed in such a matter that learning activities follow a logical progression from simple to more complex.

We consider designing and developing a course as a continuous process that leads to an enhancement of teaching and learning experiences if time and effort is given to reflecting on and assessing the results of that process.

Development of each course starts with analysis of the course objectives. These objectives specify what participants should specifically know ore be able to do as the result of taking this course.

After the objective setting, the best teaching approaches are identified to reach the goals as effective as possible. A survey is done on alternative teaching strategies for helping participant meet the goals of the course through the activities provided.

The marketing analysis process is focused on collecting insights from target the audience; people or business that want to grow and are able to understand to added value of diligent risk management.Relevant data is captured from surveys, interviews and other methods which reveal customer behavior that might indicate that understanding of risk management of cybersecurity is essential for the further growth of their business.

All Stepmile courses are designed to solve challenges participants might occur; insufficient oversight of cybersecurity risks or lack of knowledge on how to cope with these risks. Based on the most pregnant lacks of knowledge on either SOC, ISO or privacy regulation the concept is further elaborated and the course framework is drafted.

The marketing research process gets to the root of those problems, paving the way to develop new products, services and support that connect with customers and help solve their challenges.

Research is conducted through information gathering on the internet, structured in-depth interviews with experts, and background information about the subject.
This research is conducted by our extensive network of experts in the relevant field supported by our operations staff to further structure the information.


Prepare the brain for learning
A very important insight from neuroscience is that our brains should be prepared for learning. After being prepared switch-tasking should be avoided and attention should be focused at the material at hand. Neuroscience research concluded that learning activates different parts of our brain’s existing network and will make adjustment to it. This implies that previous knowledge and experiences play a significant role in our learning process.


Emotions in the learning process
The philosopher Plato mentioned more than 2,000 years ago that emotions play a significant role in our learning process. This is also an important conclusion in the book Presentation Zen of bestseller author Garr Reynolds.The Learning methodology and structure of Stepmile courses are adjusted to these insights, resulting in courses in which different methods are aligned with the human attention span and most effective way of learning. Both in the narrative, presentations and animations emotions are included and secure that the learning process is optimized.

Based on the information in the prior processes the course is built up. The texts are reviewed by experts and optimized for the learning process. The texts are scripted and narrated by professional voice actors.