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Security Awareness

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All Information processed, send or stored can be compromised by malicious attackers. The internet and outsourcing developments made information security more important. This is why a good security awareness program is important for every organization.

Information security is more than being careful what to download. Understanding the real risks is essential, this is will avoid over-panicking so you can perform your work and at the same time avoid that real damages will occur.

In this Security Awareness course you will become aware of the different hazards and the methods to mitigate the related risks. And security is more than a security department. Each employee should know how to deal with the risks and know how to act if a data breach occurs.

Category: IT, Risk, Security

What you'll learn

Discover the different cybersecurity threats you may encounter

Learn about best practices and built resilience to different kind of attacks

Determine which data is regulated and avoid data leaking

Develop new abilities and become the cybersecurity specialist in your organisation

Learn fast and practice with realistic scenarios

This course will not only help you understand the "what" of cybersecurity, but also the "why" and “how” of protecting information. This course starts with understanding of the most common security standards; ISO 27001 and SOC 2.

Since data breaches on the rise are, it’s getting more and more important to understand the risks of theft and compromising of information. And information security is more than the security department issuing guidelines and monitoring on these. Information security starts with understanding of the risks and knowing how to act if such a risk occurs.

You will have the relevant knowledge and understanding of risk and practical guidelines will be provided, such as, how to create secure passwords that aren’t easily guessed; how to browse safely on the internet and learn about cookies, malicious websites and much more. You will be able to communicate securely and effectively. 

All our course are subject to our diligent course development proces and are reviewed by experts in the relevant field periodically. 

Key facts
4-12 hours
Lesson 1 Introduction and Background

Get introduced and understand why information security is so important. 

Lesson 2 Importance and understanding

Get introduced and understand the information security risks you may encounter. And understand the importance of privacy in relation to cyber security.

Lesson 3 Practice

Understand why logical access is so important and what the relation is with physical access. Discover the practice of safe usage of computers, other devices and the internet.

Lesson 4 Organizational impact

Know what to do if a data breach occurs. Understand the consequences and find out which tool is best suitable for each circumstance. 

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